Highwood Pumpkin Volunteers

Volunteer Positions


All volunteers must bring a signed waiver to Volunteer Check-In in order to participate in Pumpkin Fest. If you are under 18 years of age, the waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian. For any questions regarding this waiver, please email info@celebratehighwood.org. *** Download waiver here

Entry Gate Support

There are 2 main gates and 3 small gates. This individual must be cheerful and outgoing. They will be collecting entry fees and welcoming guests into the event. It is the first contact for most attendees, so this is a very important volunteer spot for those who like to work with people.
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Pumpkin Carving Area Assistants

Pumpkinfest Carving ManagersThese areas include a pumpkin pen where pumpkins are stored for carving, and several carving tables. This volunteer will make sure there are always carving knives available, help children bring pumpkins to the tables if needed, and that the tables and area stay clean. Cleaning will be assisted by the ground crews. You may also be asked to help children carve. So you must be a people person.
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Bartenders for the alcohol booths

This is a fun position that needs energetic people. Knowledge of bartending is a plus! Must be 21 years of age or older, and we would love volunteers who already have Basset Certification. There will be 4 booths strategically located in the event.
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Scaffolding Construction

These individuals must not be afraid of heights, and in good physical health. You will be helping assemble the scaffolding throughout the fest grounds. No experience necessary.
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Placing Jack-O-Lanterns on the Wall

Man up the PumpkinsThese individuals must not be afraid of heights. Move carved pumpkins from the ground to the top of the scaffolding. Make sure lights are in the pumpkins. They will also assist with other physical jobs when pumpkins don’t need to be moved. This is a fun job, and photographed quite readily. One of the most important jobs at Pumpkin Fest. Without the pumpkins on the walls, there is no Pumpkin Fest!
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Information Booth Attendants

Must be outgoing, and knowledge of Pumpkin Fest is a plus.
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Merchandise Sales

This individual must be cheerful and outgoing. You will be selling The Great Highwood Pumpkin Fest apparel such as shirts, hats and posters
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Pumpkin Run Assistants

We are looking for volunteers to help register runners and guide runners on the race/walk.
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Hay Ride Assistants

This year we have a horse drawn Hay Ride! You will assist the families as they pay, wait in line and load in/out of the hay ride. Must be comfortable with small children and being around horses.
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