Highwood Pumpkin Volunteers

2022 Volunteer Positions

Find out more about the positions by clicking on the volunteer links.

Mums Pick Up - https://volunteersignup.org/KXDPM

Pumpkin Carving Assistants (Painters Park - Across from Buffos) - https://volunteersignup.org/9JKAE

Pumpkin Carving Assistants (City Hall) - https://volunteersignup.org/3RXRX

Pumpkin Carving Assistants (Everts Park) - https://volunteersignup.org/A4E7X

The Superhero Run - https://volunteersignup.org/JPA78

Signs and Banner hanging - https://volunteersignup.org/8R8J3

Totem Pole Park Setup - https://volunteersignup.org/TYMLB

Waukegan Rd Pumpkin Logistics - https://volunteersignup.org/7ADRY

Painters Park Pumpkin Logistics (Across from Buffos) - https://volunteersignup.org/WEFML

Everts Park Tower Pumpkin Logistics - https://volunteersignup.org/7H8XD

Main Tower Pumpkin Logistics (City Hall) - https://volunteersignup.org/DHHCT

Hayride Assistants - https://volunteersignup.org/4H8XA

Pumpkin Painters Assistants (Painters Park - across from Buffos) - https://volunteersignup.org/WEFML

Bartenders - https://volunteersignup.org/AXXKC

Pumpkin Lighting Assistants - https://volunteersignup.org/4FMAM